Maintech Precision Tooling (ShangHai) Co.,Ltd

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Maintech Precision Tooling (ShangHai) Co.,Ltd.

Maintech Precision Tooling (ShangHai) Co., LTD was found in 2005, which is invested by Singapore Netmould solution .

We have a rich design and manufacture of molds, mold debugging experience engineer team, The core of the managers and supervisors is working in Singapore experience. Number of employees: 100

We have a complete organizational structures, and our project, Our project engineer team work with customers closely, to make project successfully.

For all kinds of engineering plastics, we have a profound understanding and experience, such as: PBT, PA6 GF, PA66 GF, POM, PA+ABS,PMMA, ABS, TPE, TPU etc.

  • On-Time Delivery 

  • Pro-Quality Mindset 

  • Waste Reduction Attitude 

  • Continious Improvement 

  • Strong Teamwork

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